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Aug 10, 2010
Hi All

I am a soon to be 45 year old male, seems like my life is going to be making a detour. Over the past several months maybe even longer I noticed my stools were not like they used to be. At times I noticed flatter looking stools, other times I noticed thinner stools, circular but thinner (not pencil thin though), then other times there were broken clusters. Anyway, saw one doctor she gave me a blood test (which I am still awaiting the results for) I will do the test for blood in the stool, after I get off antibiotics for a urinary infection. She also said I should have a colonoscopy done.

I saw a second doctor the following day and he will be scheduling me for a barium test. This morning I found some blood in my stool, to makes this worse I have lost about about 3-4 pounds over the last 4 or 5 days, I sure hope most of this can be attributed to the anxiety I am experiencing and the fact I haven't eaten or drank very much.

With all thes symptoms I am definatenly expecting the worst. I read somewhere in this forum, that someone had a slightly less than baseball size polyp removed and it was stage 2.

I guess what I am trying to ask in a round about way is when symptoms of colon cancer are noticed is it always in stage 4?

I bought some fiber powder and after the first use my stool bulked up a little, but I use to go 2X a day, but now I have only gone once in each of the last 2 days, and there wasn't much this morning. Should I try a laxative? I actually don't feel like I have anything in me.

Sorry for the long post.


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