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Hi all, I'm a 25 year old male..
I recently found a hard lump right next to my hip when I push down hard. I can only feel it when I'm lying down. I'm very skinny so its quite easy to feel everything, is it possible to feel you intestines?

Anyway, the lump is below my belly button, just a bit below my left hip ( my left when I'm looking at it ) I googled some symptoms for colon cancer, but I'm not experiencing any of them

No pencil like stools
no weight loss
no bleeding

It's a hard lump, any ideas what this might be? It's only small and not noticeable unless I press down and feel it. There isnt one on my right side. I have scoliosis, mild and when Im at the computer I do sit hunched over, so theres a fold in my stomach

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