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I just had a colonoscopy done on friday, he told me without even biopsy results I had colon cancer of the rectum,The tumor size was 13cm , he could not pass all away through with the scope and told me to see a oncologist and a surgeon, he sent my biopsy to a lab which i will have monday, I asked him how long do I have 2 -3 years?, why I asked that I have no idea, yes 2-3 years, he scared the hell out of me. I have been bleeding for weeks now, little bowel movements, some burning sensation in my lower abdomen,pain in rectum was bad for weeks but now has subsided almost completely. I am scared if I have stage 4 because of the size of tumor, I am going to sloan kettering tomorrow without any health insurance hoping they wont turn me away. does tumor size dictate the stage of the cancer?????? I still have alot of bleeding and tyelonal is not working like it use to also can this pain in the lower abs be gas?,also pain in the lower back. thank you,
Size is not necessarily related to the stage of the cancer. You can have a large obstructing tumor and still be Stage I or you can have a polyp with a small cancerous center that has already spread to lymph nodes and or lungs/liver. Cancer is very unpredictable and the only way to accurately stage your cancer is to remove lymph nodes and check for cancerous cells, which if found would be a Stage III diagnosis. CAT scans of the chest/abd/pelvis will determine if there are any cancerous metastases in other parts of the body - that would be Stage IV. Whatever stage you turn out to be, do not look at survival statistics since they are based on old treatments and do not take into account the new chemos available and the surgical procedures/targeted radiation, etc. that are now used as part of the treatment so that even advanced colon cancer in many cases can be treated as a chronic disease and kept under control.


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