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I have HNPCC Lynch Syndrome, have had endometrial cancer 1995 and colon cancer 2003. I had a right hemicolectomy in 2003 and have been NED ever since with no bowel problems as a result of having a section of colon removed. Lynch does not mean that the cancer will return within one year! that could only occur if some cancer remained in the colon. What Lynch does mean is that yearly colonoscopies are necessary due to the fact that a Lynch tumor can develop rapidly within 1 1/2 years to 2 years, versus the 7 - 10 years it takes for a random colon cancer to grow. With yearly colonoscopy, polyps can be removed before they have become cancerous or at the earliest stage of cc. Having the entire colon removed would eliminate the need for the yearly colonoscopy, but some people have had ongoing problems as a result of the total colectomy. Others do fine.

In addition, with Lynch Syndrome, all direct relatives need to be tested because you can have the mutation and never develop any cancer, but could still pass it on to offspring as it is a dominant mutation.

My brother tested positive for Lynch too, and he has not had any cancers, but he does follow the recommendation for a yearly colonoscopy, yearly urine cytology (renal pelvic/ureter cancers are also Lynch related), and upper endoscopy every 4 to 5 years (upper gastrointestinal cancers are also more likely to occur) For females there is a 60-70% lifetime chance of developing endometrial cancer and a 12% increased chance of ovarian cancer. Thus, women are told not to wait too long to have their families, and to have a complete hysterectomy by around age 45, which would eliminate the possibility of uterine or ovarian cancer.

I would give consideration to a total colectomy only if I developed a second colon cancer, which may or may not occur and in the meantime follow the preventive guidelines and surveillance recommendations.


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