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I realize that posting on here is probably a big no no and I should turn around and just walk out the internet door haha. The thing is, I have driven my girlfriend, my mother, my brother, my friends, hell, even my cats all mad because I can't stop asking my hypochondriacal questions. I laugh, but I trully am going crazy and I dont know what anyone here will really be able to tell me anyways.

The symptoms of colon cancer are I right? Ok so I was a vegeatarian for 2 years and I went to this Christmas party a couple of months ago and I got really drunk and stupid and went to town on this plate of ham. Needless to say I started experiencing bowel troubles after-constipation mainly.Ive also been a 'shy pooper' -so bad that I have always made my family go to town so I could use the bathroom (ridiculous I know) So around this time I started a new job and the bathroom at my new job sucks and is very public so I pretty much only had a two hour window to use the bathroom in the mornings (after my gf left for work) Because of the poop pressure I started drinking coffee heavily to help get this stuff out because I was obsessed with having an empty bowel before going to work. Anyways, I eventually got somewhat regular and life was good. A week ago I developed nausea. The nausea has been mild, worse when moving from a sitting to standing position and vice versa. It's been bad enough that I keep complaining about it-but Ive still been hungry and everything. Anyways couple of days ago I lost my appetite. I mean, dont get my wrong, alot of it is due to the fact that I feel more nauseaus when I eat but also a part of it is due to really high levels of anxiety. I took some pepto (two nights ago) ate anyways and freaked out the next day when I had black stool. I checked online and black stool means colon cancer. So that was in my head, I rush to the walk in clinic-they tell me pepto can also cause black stool-but now the colon cancer idea is there and like any anxious person knows it won't leave. So at the doctor's I am experiencing all the symptoms -choking, fatigue etc. He does an X Ray and finds I have a large amount of feces backed up in my colon. He prescribes miralax and gives me the name of a GI if it doesnt clear up. He says this MIGHT explain the occassional pencil stools, the nausea, gas, bloating, etc. When I asked him about colon cancer he said he wouldnt jump the gun but he also wouldnt discount it...seems like a reasonable man.

I pooped this morning and it was black again. I am hungry but I feel like I cant eat. I am very anxious about all of this. I dont want to have to have a colonoscopy because it sounds so painful. Will someone give me some comforting words? Thanks

Oh btw-24 yr old No family history of cancer if that helps

Also my lack of appetite comes and goes. Last night I ate, today it is harder...

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