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[QUOTE=jennybyc;4696712]The chances of a 16 year old having colon cancer are astronomically low. That's take years and years to form unless you have family history of a very rare form of familial polyps of the colon. And you'd know because one of your parents would have had it.

But it sounds like you've been constipated and that can cause small hemmorhoids to form. They are nothing more than distended veins and at your age, if you start eating right and get lots of fiber, will heal themselves. They feel like small bumps around the anus(and even just inside). They don't necessarily hurt or itch. I've had them for years and years and mine never hurt or itch and if I keep a good amount of fiber in my diet, give me no trouble. I got mine from having big babies(I'm a grandmother now).

Sitting on the toilet too long can cause them too so no more than 10 minutes. Eat fiber to keep from getting really hard stools or even buy a stool softener that you can take. Drink lots of water too.

Colon cancer affects much farther up than your anus. Anal cancer comes from getting a herpes STD. It stays in the tissues and can later turn into cancer in susceptible people. It is rare. And this is not it.



Hi Jenny
Well I know for a fact that none of my parents have any cancer history.
But don't the early stages of colon cancer have no symptoms. So the tiny pea sized bumps are what? What did you mean by colon or rectal cancer occurs on the upper anus? So by what I tell you do I think I have cancer? Im just really scared of the possibility. Thank you so much for replying. I also don't always strain at the toliet. But there was a thin streak of blood. What do you think?

Have you ever had these bumps?

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