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so i mean it was like as dark as like a hershey chocalte, maybe a bit darker. it wasnt black black.
i had like 12 oreos on sunday. was that it?
also doesnot the first stages of colon/rectal cancer have no symptoms?[/QUOTE]

A 16-year-old with dark brown poop does not have colon nor rectal cancer, and neither does a 16 year old with medium brown poop.
With or without symptoms, you don't have colon nor rectal cancer, because you're too young to have it.

Please stop dwelling on this sort of thing, it really will ruin your life if you let it.
They can have symptoms at that stage, but not much of the time. Always watch for changes in your bowel habits, like the number per day, or the consistency. Also they talk about very thin bowel movements, (like pencil size) Remember though that unless it runs in your family, 16 is VERY young for colon cancer. Usually they don't start screening until I believe 50. Polyps take approx ten years to grow and turn cancerous Just make sure that you eat a healthy diet, get regular excercise, don't smoke, and have regular screenings when you age, and you will be just fine! My 22 yr old is an anxious young man himself, so good for you for seeking anxiety help.

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