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I am a very healthy 42 year old, have never smoked, never drink, and no drugs. I was diagnosed with colon cancer about 4 weeks ago. That is a hard thing to take in. I wanted the surgery as soon as possible so April 5 2011 was my surgery date. I have never had any surgery so was pretty nervous but was very relaxed the day of the surgery. My tumor was in the lower section of my colon only 23 cm from the bottom so the Surgeon Dr. Blankenship in Mobile, AL, told me that is was going to be a tough area to get to but should be able to be done lycroscopic. The surgery ended up being about 4 hours. The surgeon told my wife that the tumor ended up being larger than expected about the size of a base ball. I had 4 total incision one about 3 inches below the navel and 2 small on the right side of my abdomin and one on the left. Upon waking up from surgery I was in extreme pain from pressure on my testicals. This was the only pain I had and it was strong. The nurse said she could not give me any pain medication because my blood pressure was still low from the anestitia. Once I had the medication the pain was pretty much low. I did have a catheter that was removed the second day after surgery. Right after this I got up on my own and went to the rest room. I had a hard time releasing to urinate. I had to let it out in spurts for about the 1st two days. After that no problems in that department. Second day I started building alot of gas moving around but none was getting to the right exit point until the 2nd day. Once I did release it was one of the best feelings in the world. On Saturday I was released and went to the bass pro shop on Sunday and bought me a new bass boat. I hope this helps anyone that is going through this. And sorry for the spelling, I tried to get this posted pretty fast. Thanks and don't give up.

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