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It is possible to have colon cancer at age 18, but highly unlikely.

You can have both polyps and hemmorhoids at the same time.

What is concerning is having numerous polyps at such a young age. There is a hereditary condition called FAPS where a person develops hundreds of polyps from a very young age. This is usually treated with removal of the colon because eventually the polyps will turn cancerous. Has anyone in your family been diagnosed with FAPS?
(familial adenomatous polyp syndrome).

It is also possible that the polyps are harmless polyps and if there is no genetic component it would take a polyp from 7 to 10 years to become cancerous if it was going to. Most polyps are harmless.

Your physician should be able to identify the type of polyps found, and if you haven't had one already a colonoscopy would be needed to check further up and examine the entire colon for polyps. From the results of this testing a treatment plan can be formulated. Good Luck.


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