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I had my first colonoscopy about 3 weeks ago (50 year old male). They found one polyp that was removed and determined to be benign after removal. They also discovered a fairly large fatty tumor in my rectum that they said is usually unusual.
Doctor took a biopsy but it came back as normal tissue, so he suggested scheduling for a endoscopic ultrasound with a needle biopsy of the lesion.
I had a flex sig done and they biopsied the mass and was told it was non- cancerous from the sample anyway. Their advice was to schedule my next colonoscopy in 3 years, and let them know if I experience any problems before then. I have had no issues regarding constipation or bowel movements prior or since the procedure.
I asked if they could just remove it and was told they'd have to remove part of my colon, so I'm holding off of course.hey said they would measure it to see if it had grown next time, but probably wouldn't need to biopsy it.

Has anyone else experienced a similar situation and does 3 years sound sufficient for another colonoscopy? I don't know how concerned I should be.
Thanks everybody!

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