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Okay, here's my scenario: I'm 29 years old, no history of Colorectal cancer on either side of my family that I'm aware of. Since late 2008-early 2009 I've had difficulty passing stools, oftentimes (but not always) flat, narrow stools and sporadic rectal bleeding (bright red and on top of/around the stool and on paper when I wipe, though not dark red, black, or in the stool that I can see.) Haven't had the rectal bleeding in some months, but past occurences still obviously worry me.

Sometimes my bowel movements are normally formed, sometimes watery, sometimes clumpy, the form pretty much runs the gamut, the only constant is difficulty passing them and a feeling of incomplete evacuation.

I've been the the ER twice over the past 3 years for this. The first visit over a year ago was a finger test for hemorrhoids, which weren't detected. The second was last week with another finger test for hemorrhoids, which were again not detected, but this time the doctor took my symptoms a little more seriously and ordered a CT scan (with contrast), which detected no blockages/nothing out of the norm.

So I guess I have a few questions: 1) How accurate are CT scans in detecting/diagnosing colorectal cancer without a colonoscopy?

2) After 3+ years exhibiting these symptoms with pretty much no treatment, wouldn't cancer either have killed me or messed me up pretty bad by now?

And 3) If it isn't cancer or hemorrhoids, what the heck else accounts for all my symptoms??

I'm hoping I can get some sound answers from some people with a lot of experience with the disorder and bowel disorders in general. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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