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Age 47 is quite young for colon cancer. Is there a history of colon cancer in his family? Also to have lymphovascular invasion with stage I indicates an aggressive cancer. Did you get a copy of the pathology report? Was it considered well differentiated, moderately differentiated or poorly differentiated with well being closest to normal cells and poorly differentiated being the most distorted cells that also tend to be the most aggressive?

After his colonoscopy, even if it is negative for cancer, he should:
1) Have a consultation with an oncologist for continued follow up and monitoring; and,
2) Have a CAT of chest/abdomen/pelvis to see if his Stage I cancer from 2008 had spread anywhere that might be the cause of his pain.

My Stage I endometrial cancer was considered cured by the hysterectomy and "no need for an oncologist" said the surgeon. However, had I consulted an oncologist I would have been informed that I was at risk for colon cancer and urged to have a colonoscopy then and not wait until I was past 50 and possibly avoided developing the Stage III colon cancer.


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