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So before I go into details on my situation let me first say that I am a hypochondirac. Have been for about 6 years. I always assume the worst and always worry about cancer when I get ill.

Some details about me before I give you my symptoms.

1. No family history of Colon Cancer
2. 28 years old
3. In good shape.
4. I have a somewhat poor diet. I eat a lot of sushi and rare red meat and salty processed meats. I eat fast food WAY too much and am trying to stop. I also was drinking a red bull almost every day in the morning which I think may have started to cause problems. I havent had one in a week now.

About two and a half weeks ago my stomach started to feel kind of empty. So I started to think I had parasites of some kind. Over the next few days though it changed and has started to feel full and bloated. A lot of gas cramps and pains all over my abdomen. Somtimes even making my back hurt, though other times there is no pain at all. Logic points to IBS because of my age and family history, but I am terrified I have CC. I have scheduled an apt with my schools dr (I am a fulltime college student) so its covered there, but if I have to go to a specialist I have NO insurance. I wish I could just go get a colonoscopy to put my mind to rest, but I cant afford it. What should I do!? What do you think?

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