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I'm 33, male, no family history of cancer of anykind, 4 kids, in good health although over weight and I could probably eat healthier. My family tends to be prone to diabetes but we are all on the heavy side. 3 months ago I had a bit of blood on the toilet paper after a BM. Doc said "no biggie just a hemmorhoid your young and in good health what are you worried about" [B]BUT[/B] he didn't actually check. 2 weeks ago I had a bit more blood on the toilet paper, not in the bowl, not on the stool just on the tp.

Now I panic, I am a worrier and a clinical depressive so I could just be over reacting. I see a another doc and she does the finger test and the stool card. No blood in stool and she didn't feel anything on the finger test no anemia. She didn't feel anything is what worries me. She says "your young and healthy colon cancer rarely happens to people like you plus there would be other symtoms."

I have a consult with a GI doc scheduled and am deathly worried even thought it's probably nothing.

Am I over reacting? I have no other symptoms at all and feel good other than the massive deppresive episode this has sent me in. While colon cancer rarely happens to people like me the truth is it does. My questions is if it was something serious like colon cancer would there be other symptoms? Am making a big issue out of nothing and should I see the GI doc?

Any advice would help.

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