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Hey Nona I posted earlier to tell you how easy my colonoscopy was. So let me tell you what I'm dealing with with my stepdad. He'll be 61 on Nov 5. last Dec or so his urine was very dark with a bad odor. He was living in a group home for men. This went on for about 5 weeks from my understanding until it finally began causing so much pain that he no longer could get up. At that time he had his roommate call an Ambulance. He was taken to the hospital a week or so later they did sugery. Well what they found was he had a tumor in his colon that grew so large that it protruded his bladder. So in the process of removing the tumor they also had to repair the bladder. In the bladder they found 6 malignant stones there also. So he now has a smaller bladder due to the damage and has a colostomy. At this time we do not even know how much damage the cancer has done. He just recently chose Chemo, which only will give him an additional life span of 4%. Basically Chemo to make him feel better with less pain.

A colonoscopy is well worth your time in my opinion.

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