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Over the past few weeks I have been getting worried about changes in my bowel movements. Basically, I have always been regular once a day with the exception of when I eat too much and sometimes need to go twice.

Recently I started noticing that my stool seemed to have a flat edge (curved) and having read other forums I have convinced myself it's colon cancer. Although in truth I never really checked my movements before. However, most sites say that an indication of a blockage would make the stool pencil thin and I would say they are still at least 1-2 cm by say 2-3cm.

I have also been getting slight discomfort in my stomach around the belly button and feel a need to go even when I have been already and now I seem to need to go twice a day regardless of what I eat.

I have lost weight over the last 6 months (1 1/2 stone) but because I have been trying to eat less.

I also am getting some back pain but not all the time, and I have also been suffering from Gastritis although no symptoms for a couple of years.

I also seem to have more wind and gurgling in my stomach after eating or drinking.

Am I simply making myself ill with worry as I think about it every day or could there be something wrong.

Advice would be great.

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