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I had a rupture appendix a month ago and had an open appendectomy to have it removed. All went well, but I was in the hospital for 7 days. My bowels shut down for a couple of days after the surgery so I had to have the NG tube in my nose for 2.5 days. My bowels finally came back to life on the 4th day. They gave me some mineral oil and I had bowel movements every 3 hours for the next 4 days or so - diarrea. I did not have any solid food for a week while I was in the hospital. Once I got home, I started eating normal and got back into the routine of my morning bowel movement, but my stool has been flat for the last 3 weeks. I think I may have some internal hemorriods from all the diarrea and sitting in the hospital bed for 7 days. Is all of this normal? It just seems a bit ironic that I would have this issue after this surgery and hospital stay. I'm was a healthy 36yr old before I had my appendectomy, now I have flat stool. I'm hoping its just something that comes with the territory after what I went through and will correct itself with time. My intestines didn't have anything in them for 7 days basically and I'm hoping that is the culprit.

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