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I'm scared..
Nov 23, 2011
Here's my story. I'm 17 and a half years old right now and having some pretty scary symptoms. When I was 14 I got pretty constipated and had to go to the hospital to get an enema, pretty scary time. It was because I got too scared to go to the bathroom when one day I had blood on the toilet paper. Anyways, when they got done with the enema, I had a CT scan, MRI, barium enema, and a colonoscopy, and of course they did a fecal occult blood test too. None of the tests showed anything wrong, but for the past year or so I've had bright red blood on the toilet paper when I go to the bathroom. It's only for a few wipes but it still scares me, and lately I've been really stressed out about it and thinking the worst like Colon Cancer and basically been freaked out beyond belief.. a couple weeks ago I started having this bloaty feeling on the far left side above my hip, where the love handles are. When I feel my lovehandle it feels sort of tender. The past couple weeks I've had sorta thin stools too. I'll wake up and go to the bathroom and it'll be long and thin, and then a couple hours later I'll have another BM and it will be normal. I have a doctors appointment in exactly two weeks from today but I'm freaking out over this..should I be worried at my age?

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