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Hi there,

I'm not sure where to start, just looking for some advice from people who will know more about this than me but tonight i've been needing to go to the toilet all the time.

Most of the stuff coming out of my anus is red water like blood and the odd tiny watery poo. Now everytime i go it's just blood that comes out and i dont even poo. I'm a person that often only needs to do a poo every 2-3 days but tonight i've been on the toilet at least once an hour.

I've done some research and i haven't recently and certainly am not today suffering constipation or big poos that could of ripped my anus or tissue's inside.

Just a bit worried as most things that cause it are from things being torn due to constipation or large poo but i'm in no pain or anything.

The only options i'm thinking of at the moment is internal Hemorrhoids or colon cancer.

I've asked people and they've told me to go to the doctor asap.


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