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Ileostomy reversal
Jan 7, 2012
I had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor and my large colon and rectum were removed. At the time of the surgery a internal pouch was inserted (for future surgery).

It's been nearly 3 months since my surgery and I have had a number of problems and have been back in the hospital twice. I developed a clot in my lungs and am on meds for that.

I have been having a lot of leaking from my ileostomy bag (have spent many a day and night crying). The first few weeks I had no problem but now it's been a mess, every day. I have severe skin irritation and am using the powder, the spray and i use the paste instead of the ring barrier thingy.

IT seems everything I've read has been extremely negative regarding reversal surgery. They plan to do that to me but I am terrified about not having control over my bowels. How could I even leave my house? Is there anyone out there that has a successful reversal of this kind?

I had chemo and radiation prior to my surgery and they (at first) didn't think they could do a reversal. They said I had a history of ulcerative colitis but I never heard that before. I remember 5 years prior being told I had 'mild colitis'. Then the Dr's felt there may be too much damage from the radiation but during surgery they felt it would be OK to try to set me up for future reversal surgery. The pouch was put in place during initial surgery.

Anyone have success or failure story?

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