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I remember driving back from a movie with my grandmother. I had a sudden urge for a BM. We pulled over at a convenience store. Normal BM, but when I wiped, it look like diluted pink water on the toilet paper. A very very small amount. Not red - light, faded pink. Stool color was normal. I've been a stress and anxiety mess ever since. 6 months later, I've developed little bright red specs on the outside on my stools - almost blind to the eye unless you're really looking. The small
Bright red dots do not appear everytime. I may add that if i eat 10
Or So oreos, my stool turns black. If i eat red flamin hot cheetos, it turns red. Green beans? Turns green. Been told by ER my stomach processes and digests Extremely fast. Toilet paper always comes back normal. Toilet water is normal
color for a BM. I know what you're thinking: classic symptoms of hemmroids. Here's the kicker: I then developed extreme gas (passing it like 10-20 times a day with sudden feeling of relief in stomach). Also my stomach makes louds gurgling/sloshing noises about 10 times a day. No
Abdominal pain whatsoever. Just worried sick it's cancer. My uncle is an ER doctor, and he knows how paranoid I am, so he ordered me a abdominal CT with and without IV/oral contrast just to call me. Results were unremarkable with the exception on a slightly enlarged spleen which he brushed it off as due to my throat infection at the time. Extensive blood work done including Heli Bactor bact. infection came back negative. So..... I'm
Convinced I won't be happy until
I set up a colonoscopy. Doing this next week. Are these classic symptoms of colon cancer or are they more than likely that caused by something less serious?

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