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Hello! I am new to this site so bear with me y'all. My name is Ashley and I am 19 years old. I've been worrying alot lately and I feel as though I can't really talk about this with anyone close to me, so I figured id give this a goes nothing. For the past, I think, year I have been having blood on the toilet paper when I wipe. It is not in the toilet bowl or on the stool itself, just the toilet paper. It doesn't happen all the time, its just occasional and it is a verry minimal amount. When it does happen it is mostly tiny specs of bright red blood, and I mean tiny specs. One time there was a pink smudge. Whenever it does happen I do notice that there is a burning sensation after the bowel movement t for a few hours and then it goes away. I was stupid and looked up my symptoms in Google and bam, now I'm convinced I have colon cancer and am dying. I guess I have health anxiety issues. I do not have health insurance and cannot afford tests, I did get worried one time and visited the urgent care where they did a finger rectal exam and said they felt nothing, and the X-ray showed a moderate amount of stool in my colon so they told me I needed more fiber and to change my diet. I've also noticed over the past week and a half or so that whenever I pass a stool, it comes out in balls or pellets and I have to strain. So I went out and got some dulcolax stool softener and ever since I took some of those yesterday my stool has been thin and soft. I am worried and need advice on this please.

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