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hi Ed,
Great to hear from you and that you are doing well. I am not sure how I mentioned Chrones disease. I have not ever had that. My initial diagnosis from a doctor was diverticulitis, but it turned out to be colon cancer on further tests.

I think it is strange for us old guys to start thinking about technical issues of stool composition and if they float or not. But biology is the basis of life and so it is good to focus on it. I have also heard that they should and should not float. Who knows. I am more concerned if they are thin and narrow over a long period as that would indicate a restriction in the colon which could be a tumor. It could also be inflammation which would make the colon smaller. I think diet and adequate hydration are important. My cea counts fluctuated, and it is more important if it becomes a rising trend. (or a really high number like 10 or 20) I understand many things can cause cea to rise and fall on a temp basis. Also different labs will give variations in the count. I would ask about having the test done more often to make sure that you would catch a trend upward quickly.

continued best wishes for your health and also for your wife.

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