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Hello I'm an international student who is currently studying in the states. I'm a 20 year old male, about 6'1 tall, and kinda skinny.

I'll first start with my symptoms. I've been having really bad cases of loose stools and gas but no blood. I did see very tiny spot of bright red blood, but I think it was from excessive wiping, and I've never seen blood again since. Also for past couple of days I woke up early due to bad stomach aches.
The thing is though, after I finish the bowel movements, the pain disappears. Stool color is normal.

I went to see the doctor, and he said that my symptoms sounded like "classic" IBS symptoms, and he did not recommend colonoscopy. Kinda convincing, because I've been having IBS since day 1, though I was never officially diagnosed. Meaning, I never had a colonoscopy.

My mom told me that I was constipated very badly when I was a baby. When I entered my teenage years however, constipation slowly went away, but this time, I started to develop frequent diarrhea and gas pain. Whenever I drink milk, coffee, or spicy food, I get really bad stomach aches. Symptoms also get worse after long hours of travel. I think it's called "traveler's diarrhea". But I never paid too much attention to my disorder(cause I'm stupid), and recently during my freshmen college year, I drank lots of alcohol, smoked cigarettes about once a week, and ate college food(which is pretty bad). Also, I was under lots of pressure regarding my career path.

My doctor and parents think that my IBS symptoms got worse because of all the excessive drinking I've had recently. But strange thing is that I quit drinking in April. I stopped because I realized that I was going to the toilet more often. Sometime in April there was a week that I was going to toilet after every meal. Now it's June. I don't go to bathroom as not as often, but I am still having loose stools. I am worried because of all the ads and newspapers reporting that nowadays more young adults get colon cancer, and that it is slow growing. Should I insist on getting a colonoscopy or am I just paranoid?

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