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hello my name is lisa and i was wondering if you can tell me how you found out you had colon cancer the reason i am asking is cuz i have had some rectal bleeding on and off now for about 2 mths i have had blood work done everything came back normal popp test done to see if there was any blood in my stool and that came back neg the i have had a rectal exam done twice with no signs of mass or lumps in the rectum and no active bleeding but the doctors says i should see a GI to be scoped so i was just wondering if you can let me know what spytoms you had
thank u
thnak u very much i had one of the hidden poop test done also and it came back neg all my blood work came back neg as well i just went back to my doctor for more supproites and he did a rectal exam and the put his finger he use to exam me on this card and waited for it to turn another color to see if there was any active bleeding and it was also neg he said he didnt feel any lumps or mass in the rectum canal he said he did feel what felt like the end of a anal fissure trying to heal but he said i should follow up with a GI doctor just to make sure i have no family history of colon cancer or rectal cancer so that is a good sign my other doctor wanted me to have a double baruim done but i spoke to a GI doctor and he said you dont have anything done until you see a doctor whom deals with this kinda bleeding isnt all the tie just when i get hard stools and then it stops with the use of the supproites so i hope things will work out for the best also does a colonosyp hurt

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