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HEADS UP - I go into graphic detail about what I'm going through.

I have always been anxious over things that most people don't worry about, but for the past two months I have been VERY constipated. I have probably used the bathroom naturally less than 10 times in 2 months, and even then, it is never a solid big stool like I usually have,it is always loose, watery, and piled on top of each other(kind of like pudding) GROSS I know. The reason I did not immediately go to a doctor is because ever since I was 4 or 5 years old, I have had constipation problems, and even when I'm not constipated, I tend to only have a bowel movement every few days, which for most people is constipation, but when I was younger, the doctor said that there was nothing to worry about and I was fine (He gave me reasons why I only used the bathroom every few days, but I can't remember them, this was like 10 years ago).

Anyways, to get back on track, at first I thought it was just an EXTRA long bout of constipation, but about a month and a half ago, there was an instance where I had a bowel movement, and then when I wiped, there was a lot of bright red blood on the toilet paper, but none in the toilet, and from what I could tell, none in my stool. I worried and told my dad right away, and he said not to worry as it was most likely hemorrhoids (He has them) because the blood was fresh. So anyways, I have not had blood after a bowel movement since then, but now, just this last week, I started having slight sharp pains in the left side of my stomach, and occasionally in my pelvic area. I looked on webmd and it said that pelvic pain is a symptom of colon cancer in the later stages, which worried me to the point that now ALL I think about is "What if I have cancer", "I'm only 18, I don't wanna die", etc. I used a laxative earlier and when I went to the bathroom, my bowel movement was really long and as thin as a pencil, Which webmd ALSO says is a sign of colon cancer. I have a Doctors appointment set up for tomorrow and it is for a check up and I'm going to ask him to refer me to a specialist. I know I probably seem insane, and I have always been very anxious about things, but there is OBVIOUSLY something wrong with me, I just don't know what.

Also, I found a small white/clearish lump right outside the entrance of my anus today, that was not there a couple of days ago. It is pretty much painless, it's more of an itchy annoyance than anything. This terrified me because now I am wondering "Why me, why does this have to be happening to me?" I literally have so many scary symptoms of a colon or anal cancer and I am very scared.

No one on my Mother or Father's side has ever died of colon cancer, so that kind of makes me feel better, but I have most of the symptoms for colon cancer that I see when I check online.

Has anyone ever has a similar experience and found out what wrong with them?

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