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Hello all
Sorry about being paranoid and a bit of a hypochondriac. I will explain my case in pointers hoping I can get some feedback and positivism to ease my extreme anxiety. Oh, I am a very healthy fit 41 year old male.

- I am from Mexico but been in Singapore for 4 years now, I go back to Mexico once every 15 months or so. I went back last late August, and ate on the street all day. I got severe diarrhea on Sep 1st and no other symptom at all.
- The diarrhea continued for 5 days then I took pepto and it stopped it, so I stopped the pepto. The diarrhea was back for another 4 days and 1 week after I returned to Singapore, still no other symptom at all (total of 3 weeks with explosive 6-8 times a day watery diarrhea)
- Dr in Singapore gave me a round of 5 days of Cipro and Flagyl antibiotics –POISON! After the round of antibiotic, the explosive diarrhea stopped but 2 days after I was done with the antibiotics, HELL started off with side effects.
- Explosive diarrhea which was my issue stopped. But then the antibiotics killed all the good bacteria, so I had 14 days of tons of terrible side effects like anxiety, panic attacks, weakness, metal taste, so many to count. It also gave me loose stools like most antibiotics do.
- I have been taking probiotics for 3 weeks and natural supplements to nourish my GI track for 5 days.
- Today is exactly 3 weeks after I finished the antibiotic course and all the side effects are gone, except that I seemed to have gotten IBS –dr explained that after battling a strong gastro infection plus de antibiotics all together, I developed IBS (3 different Drs said this, a westerner medicine dr in Singapore, a Westerner Natural doctor in Singapore, and my GI dr in Mexico over the phone)
- I am just concerned because after 3 weeks I want to feel normal again and this is making me tremendously anxious and now I got in my head I got colon cancer, go figure.
- These are my current symptoms that have prevailed for 3 weeks now: 1 loose stool every 3 or 4 times (I have BM twice or 3 times a day as my normal usual habit for the last 20 years). When I go solid, the size is thick as a thick marker). Never have had pencil long stools, only a couple of times small thin pallets (then again I read an article that pencil long stools are misleading and not really indicative of Colon Cancer as it has been thought). A tiny discomfort under my left rib cage that goes off and on but does not stop me from doing my normal life, it just bugs me.

- On the Positive: I only lost a total of 6 pounds and 1 pants size in 1.5 months assuming that is due to the diarrhea that did not stop for 3 weeks, plus now I am eating very clean –no more sweets, no more coke, no ice-cream, not too much carbs, etc. Also, I go to the gym every day with full energy and carry the same weight. I also play tennis and I do not struggle with it at all. I have not been lethargic nor do I ever feel fast heart palpitations and I do not have any sign of anemia. Also, I have never passed blood or have seen blood in stool, and my initial stool culture for the initial diarrhea showed no blood hidden.

- More on the positive: I am not a smoker have never smoked, I exercise 3-4 times a week for the last 20 years, I have no history of colon cancer or bowel issues in my family, I have always had a rock stomach and I always brag about my regular healthy gut: I have 2 to 4 BM per day ever since I can remember. I am now having about the same BM per day, the majority are not too soft not too hard-easy to pass thick marker size (not long ones though) and some are soft-mushy (no more watery diarrhea that you cannot control), and a few are nor formed just diarrhea kind (not watery)

After I just read what I wrote here, seems that I am fine but once my anxiety kicks in (I am very apprehensive, anxiety kicks in only few times a year when justified). I am a very mentally stable person but after this I feel I am obsessed with my poop! If I poop well, I feel happy and totally healthy. If I have a loose stool, then I get depressed and I feel sick. This has been going on for 3 weeks and it has been keeping me insane.

I have started to take just ¼ of a diazepam pill to control anxiety and avoid the horrible nervousness attacking my poor gut and making things much worse. This may help me not caring and having my normal life. I feel that many of my symptoms may be anxiety caused, agree?

Also, we all are looking up our symptoms and this is bad, really bad. We should do it moderately because all we are doing is stressing ourselves more.
Anyway, hope to hear from you guys, any input will be much appreciated and if anyone can share similar cases or knowledge even better.

Thanks a lot, Alex.

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