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im 1a teen and worried i have colon cancer. last week i was constipated (i regularly get constipated because of abdominal surgery) 3 days after constipation i managed to go to the toilet there was a lot of stool im guessing because of all the stool building up the stool was like a smooth sausage with no cracks on the surface. but there was about a one inch streak of blood. the blood wasnt dark or bright i was pretty much in the middle. there was no pain when passing the stool and i passed it easily. about an hour before passing the stool i kept having abdominal cramps but im assuming the happens because the obviously the colon was backlogging with stool but after i passed the stool the cramps stopped.

2 years ago i had burkitts lymphoma (an aggressive type of lymphoma common in kids) ive had numerous mri scans,abdominal ultrasounds,abdominal x rays (the most recent one was 6 months ago. ive also had a pet scan and a ct scan.
im really worried i have colon cancer. the day after i seen the blood i went to the doctor who said it was probably just a pile (heamorroid) she looked at my anus and said she can see sommon pooling blood on the anal skin whatever that means. she only done an external exam but not an internal exam.

im still worried i have colon cancer can anyone else give me an opinion. do you think it is a pile or something more serious please help im terrified !

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