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Your symptoms sound very similar to what I went through . All of your stomach issues. It wasnt until i read in one of your responses to another comment that it really really sounded like what I had ! The pain in hips , buttocks , down the leg , combined with the abdominal problems was me to a T. I went to every kind of doctor to no avail . That is until I went to my gynecologist . Come to find out , I had an ovarian cyst. The cyst at times was pushing on my bowels, actually pinching it , which would be the times I was constipated or always felt the need to go or the feeling of never finishing. Stomach pains with Diarrhea would come and go but yes daily. The lower back pain , what I call hip pain/burning as well as my leg leaved me to believe it was spine back related also. If you have not been , please go and insist on an ultrasound to see if this could be causing your problems . Mine was not very big either though it did grow before finally having it removed . Since my surgery , all of those symptoms and I mean ALL have gone and not returned . Every one of your symptoms fits my diagnosis perfectly . Hope this helps and maybe gives you some other direction to go.

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