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im a teenager and 10 days ago i had a streak of blood on the surface of my stool it was a one of occurence my doctor it was probably a heamorroid anyway 10 days later i went to the toliet and there was little jet black spots in my stool they where about the size of raisins and theyre where about 3 of them i put on a glove and felt them they didnt any different to the poo so it basically bits of the poo were black i heard this could be blood im now really worried but if it was blood wouldnt the whole stool be black and not just some spots of it. i get constipated quite often because i have abdominal adhesions because of surgery.

why does my stool have black bits im really worried ive eat a lot of mushrooms lately could it be that im seeing please help im so worried i cant think at school its ruining my life !

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