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Colon Cancer??
Mar 2, 2013
I have been having bowel issues for over a year and a half. Mostly, I have had a complete change in BM. I have thinner stools, but with the metamucil, they have bulked up in a sense, but look like a bunch of smaller peices clumped together (sorry to be graphic). Last January I would be in the bathroom 10 times a day with the pencil stools. With Metamucil, I go maybe 1-2 times now. I have had 3 CT of the ab/pelvic with the oral contrast. One in January, one in August and one in December. There have been no changes in any of these scans. No obstructions, masses, etc. Went to the GI doc and she wants to wait to see what happens before doing the scope. She made an appointment for 4 months. I have had blood at times as well as mucus in stools, but no blood seen recently. She thinks if it was cancer, the sympoms would have progressed over the least 1 1/2 years and one of the CT scans would have shown something. She also thinks I would see more blood (my concern is it can be oocult blood, right??). I have had multiple stool tests (parasites, etc)as well as all normal bloodwork. My stool leukocytes was elevated which she said is often caused from inflammation or even IBS. She thinks it is IBS. I do get occaisional gassiness and bloating but not all the time. What are other people's thoughts? IS it ok to wait another 4 months? Do you think the cancer would have shown itself in one of the three scans over the last year?

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