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Well you see the doctor said that most think of being backed up as fecal impaction but only in the rectum...but he states that its common for stool to first become impacted in the right side of the colon. As far as the bleeding the CT and colonoscopy didnt show anything and when I asked about the cause the doctor had already left but the nurse said that he didn't mention anything about hemorroids...just that nothing was found. I did notice that the bleeding would happen after a strained bm but only on the toilet paper...bright red. And so my best guess is that I probably had a small anal fissure. I haven't had anymore bleeding but I also haven't strained as much. Before the prep cleanse I had thin soft stool that I was still straining through and other times I had hard lumpy stool...and when I had what I thought was a normal bm with no strain I still had the feeling of having to go and the pressure like something was stuck in there. It was very annoying..I also started to experience rectal spasms. Like I said the water really helps...and try to relax. When I started getting worried about cancer within days I started with the thin stool then the blood and hell from there. Health anxiety is so debilitating. :/

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