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Can someone offer their opinion on this?

[U]This is how I live:[/U] I'm 40. I must admit I'm a slacker. I don't do any exercise. I sit pretty much all day long at my job (a very stressful job by the way). I never watch what I eat. Pastries, buns, roast pork (sometime I eat 1 pound all by myself in a single day), I eat them all. I drive to work even though my office is only half mile away. I surf the internet while eating dinner everyday, and hours afterward I go straight to bed (without even taking a bath).

[U]Problem:[/U] Recently I have noticed pellet poops that are hard. When I wipe it, I see tiny fresh blood on the toilet paper. There are times pellet poop followed by soft poop. Again tiny fresh blood on the toilet paper. The thing is, it doesn't happen all the time. When I have soft poop, no blood on toilet paper. I don't think I see blood on the poop.

[U]Visited Doctor:[/U] I visited the doctor couple days ago. Doctor asked me if there was family history of colon cancer (i told him no). Doctor asked me if I was experiencing fever, fatique, stomach pain (i told him no). Doctor then put on a glove with lubricant, and stick it into my anus. He found little bit blood above the anus.

[U]Doctor suggestion:[/U] Doctor thinks it's hemorrhoids, but he doesn't rule out the possibility of colon cancer. I took a blood test, and the result shows I have mild anemia. Doctor told me he would refer me to see a stomach specialist, and it will be up to the other doctor to see if there's a need for a colonoscopy. At the same time, doctor has prescribed stool softner.

[U]Stool Softner:[/U] I was taking 2 pills per day for the last two days. Stool came out to be soft. Now I'm taking 1 pill upon doctor's recommendation. No blood thus far. I'm also drinking more water, and eating high fiber foods like brown rice, apricots, broccoli. I have lost some weight from combination of stress and a reduction in food consumption in fear of hard poop.

Right now, I'm waiting for the doctor's referal to the stomach specialist. I'm still depress, and scared.

I'm hoping it's nothing serious, and that it can be fixed by change of lifestyle. I'm greatly depressed. In your opinion, what's the chance of cancer?

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