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I know this comes up often and I don't consider myself a hypochondriac but lately this anxiety about possible colon cancer has got me more and more worried. This started around over two years ago when I felt a throbbing pain in the left groin area, combined with some slight swelling. Several months after that I did notice some minute blood in the stool so I immediately went in and had a sigmoidoscopy.

The exam detected some small fissures which explained the bleeding, but not the abdominal pain and bloating. I forgot about it for awhile and focused on increasing my fiber uptake. I was still quite anxious about the ab pain but always talked myself out of getting the full colonoscopy, figuring I was too young or over-thinking it.

Flash forward to the present (now age 27, by the way) and I still have the left groin swelling and pain, but now I get sharp and throbbing pains every so often throughout my whole stomach. I had put my pains down to possible prostatis/CPP since a hernia has been ruled out. I don't notice any rectal bleeding anymore though on occasion I've noticed black-ended stools (possibly on low fiber days?)

I'm more worried now because I've been getting some worsening symptoms like lymph node pain (beneath the armpits) and what feels like a heaviness on the heart/lungs, along with the spreading abdominal pain. Other than that my health is overall still quite good.

I guess I'm posting to hear some opinions on what might be going on or some advice on what to do at this point. Also I wanted to ask - if the central, and original swelling/pain was in the lower left groin area, then is it safe to assume the sigmoidoscopy would have spotted something (in the lower colon) if cancer was present? That's been my only reassurance so far.

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