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I have been having gi issues for about a month and been pretty much scared to death that it could be the worst for what is causing it. I always thought that I had ibs but have never been diagnosed with it. I would have bouts of diarrhea especially after high fatty food or very spicy food as well some times having a sudden urge to go. Other then that I never had any other symptoms of it. But about a few weeks ago I noticed a significant caliber change and texture in my stools. Thy were coming out much smaller and much softer and I was not real easing as much as I usually do. After a week I made an appointment with my GP who referee me to a gi. Since then my stools have gone flattish, I have lost my apatite and lost about 6 lbs in a matter of 2 weeks. Eating usually brings on a feeling of fullness( half of what I usually can eat) and a slight cramps pain under my right rib. I also usually experience a slight pain in my left flank now as well. I did end up in the Er one day for a major panic attack which I have to say I say was caused by my stress and anxiety over this situation. Thy ended up doing blood work and X-rays and everything was fine. They have me a relaxer to calm me down and sent me on my way. The next day I did have a more fuller stool but it was much darker and streaked with blood when I wiped( this has been only time I ever noticed blood before other then from the the of excessive wiping with diarrhea from spicy food. This week I saw both my GP and GI. My GP prescribed me citalopram. Since taking it the anxiety seems better but I am going less now but still going either flat stools or watery diarrhea. I have also started pushing out a clear mucus when I feel an urge to go and don't move anything.

The gi believes I am fine but scheduled me for a colonoscopy early next week but I'm still very frightened that they could find somethig bad. Is this sounded of typical symptons or could it very well be anxiety based like my gi is saying.

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