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Ok.. So im 25years old.. male.. healthy? I'm not new to self diagnosing or anything. But before anyone tells me to go to a doc. I already have.

My first cancer scare started in August 2012 with a lymphoma scare. I had multiple enlarged nodes in my submandibular and suprerclavical areas that were my only "symptoms" at the time. They are still enlarged. Had an exisional biopsy and blood tests and CT's done october 2012 that came back negative for malignancy.Diagnosis was Atypical B Cell Lymphoproliferative disorder. Basically a reactive hyperplasia with no answer as to what was causing it.. Sweat..

Anyways after that I was referred to an oncologist who I have seen since in sort of a watch and wait type situation. But my real conver for colorectal cancer has come from some recent events that iv already spoken to my onc with and he refered my to a GI which I am seeing next week.

I have lost 44lbs since January (2013). I was 195lbs now I am 151lbs this morning. I have experienced very inconsistent bowel movements for quite some time now. Can't really put a timeframe on when it started cause its been so long. Normal, soft, constipation, daihrea, small pebbles.. Recently many loose (very "dusty" stools smelling sour, and thin). I have also experience bleeding which I always associated with wiping too hard. Bright red blood on the toilet paper. But it all culminated with me have what I thought was a wet bowel movement until I saw the murder scene beneath me. There was so much blood as if I had finally gotten my period except out of the wrong door. Dark blood, mixed with stool. But the TP was completely saturated and it seemed to keep bleeding for a few minutes after.

Other "symptoms" iv had are loss of appetite, generally feeling fatigued (I'm just tired all the time and rest doesn't seem to help) and feelings of being bloated and gassy after eating anything really. Been rather constipated the last few days. Wierd thing since I had my blood bath of a bowel movement is I havnt seen much blood at all. I had it once I think since then. Although I have been rather constipated so I haven't had many bowel movements. And iv phsycally had to move the gas around in my gut myself with my hand on my stomach to release the pressure. I could feel/ hear the bubbles very easily. Also my lymph nodes in my pelvic area are either enlarged or I'm just so thin that I can actually feel them now. But they are firm and rubbery. And moveable.

Seeing the GI next. im Just looking to see if anyone had any similar stories or opinions. I don't feel well. And Im starting to feel like my docs are are a bunch of quacks and aren't diagnosing my correctly and are going to get me killed due to their ignorance.

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