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Com77 Thanks for the reply.

Im seeing the GI tomorrow. I have been getting blood tests done about every few months since September of 2012. Last ones I got were on 6/27/13. Everything appears "normal" range. I also had a full body CT done on 7/3/13. Apparently nothing of interest was found to be in my abdomen. My nodes are still enlarged in my neck and chest. Also my spleen is a little enlarged (which is new). I guess if nothing was seen on a CT with contrast I dont have to worry too much about a tumor.

I didnt feel too concerned about the bleeding because I had small external hemorrhoid before. And thought that it may have been because of that. But no burning or pain with that much blood kinda concerned me.

The oncologist iv been seeing isnt convinced its anything malignant. But does think there is something going on. Probably some auto immune disease, maybe a IBD.

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