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Soft flat stools
Aug 15, 2013
I've posted on some other boards already, but basically I have always suffered mild constipation from time to time, but this latest time started 2 months ago and gradually got worse until I found it difficult to go at all.

Eventually I went to the doctor and he gave me some laxative. This turned my stools soft and allowed me to go a little, but every stool either comes put long and very thin, or flat.

I have no pain, but a little bloating. I am really worried. Going to the doctor again next week, but I am going to the US in a couple of weeks to see my girlfriend and really don't want to cancel for any reason.

I have been having a couple of episodes of neurological symptoms for the past year (undiagnosed - but left me with a little permanent vision loss) but I realise this is probably unrelated.

Do you think I have reason to be worried?

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