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Hello gop...Sorry I am late to this discussion, as I have been charging windmills=) I just want to reassure you that you are fortunate to get the great results of your biopsies. Take that and run with it. Although I understand your anxiety, it is IMO unwarranted. You've gotten phenomenal news and should not hesitate to have the test repeated in the recommended 3 years.

Gratitude, my friend, that you do not have cancer. Kudos to those who do have cancer and are fighting the good fight. Like the previous poster, I am required to undergo colonoscopy and endoscopy every year, but with history of stage 4 endometriosis. Right now, it feels as though my colon is being "choked" by scar tissue...but I'm told nothing can be done.

Oh, and for now there is no app for colonoscopy=) There is a camera/pill that can be swallowed, but not sure if it's covered by insurance. My testing started back in the days before FIRE, when seriously no sedation was provided...OUCH

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