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I had my first colonoscopy ever. This was a preventive procedure that my PCP has been bugging me for a few years. I was ignoring this since I don't have any symptoms and also no family history of cancer. Since I don't eat meat, I was reasonably sure that the chances of colon cancer was negligible.Moreover I heard horror stories about colonoscopy (including preparation) that made me put off this procedure.

Finally I decided to get this done as I thought this could give me a clean chit of health.

The colonoscopy went well and I didn't feel anything, as I was sedated and don't remember anything.

The GI gave me a report that said the following:

1. Haemorrhoids - small internal
2. Colony polyps X 3
3. Pending biopsy results

I am really concerned about #2. The doctor didn't reveal me anything and I was too sedated to ask for more details.

The fact that they removed 3 polyps through colonosopy does it mean that the polyps were tiny and likely to be precancerous?
I am really nervous now, but glad to have the colonoscopy done.
One other question. Can the doctor who perform Colonoscopy be able to identify cancerous polyps even before biopsy? In other words, is biopsy used to identify benign or precancerous polyps?
How long would it take a benign polyp to become precancerous or cancerous?
I received an email from my doctor regarding my colonoscopy results.

[COLOR="Red"]As expected, the pathologist has determined that all of your polyps were benign. This is good news. Listed below, are the number and types of polyps that were found:

Tubular adenoma: 3

* Tubular adenomas are benign polyps that are considered precancerous -- which means they do have the potential to turn into cancer. They are quite common, and very slow growing (small polyps likely take 10 years or more to turn into cancer). Patients with tubular adenomas are usually followed with more frequent colonoscopies.

Decisions regarding the timing of your next colonoscopy are made based on nationally published guidelines which take into account features of your polyps (number, size, type, location, and means of resection), the cleanliness of your colon, and your history as well as family history. In light of this, I recommend that your next colonoscopy be in 3 years.[/COLOR]

Does this mean precancerous and benign are one and the same?
My doctor is advising next colonoscopy in 3 years. Is this too aggressive?
Is there any other way like virtual colonoscopy or MRI that can be used to detect polyps?

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