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Yes, my anxiety is in over-overdrive lol. I originally went to the GI doctor because I stopped taking Prilosec cold turkey, because I read it was really bad for I was having strange episodes of sulfur burps, excessive gas, and diarrhea that would last about 12 stools were bright yellow and had a strange odor to them...not just smelly, but almost infectious or chemical like? It's unlike any other thing I've smelled. He told me not to worry about the color of my stools, and sent me on my way with Prevacid. It has been since then that I have been paying closer attention to my bowel habits, it is because of that that I noticed the low caliber stools, etc. I have spent days on the internet, and I know it's bad for me. Your response was so gentle, and kind - thank you for that. I have 4 children, the oldest being only 11, and well, to be honest, I don't want to die. I want the colonoscopy because I feel like that is the only thing that will ease my mind, or confirm my biggest fear...and at the same time I don't want to know. It's an awful place to be in. I haven't considered any gynecological problems, in fact I haven't been to an OBGYN since my last child was born almost 7 years ago. I do know that I have uterine fibroids, so maybe even that's a possibility? Can those put pressure on your bowels and cause digestive problems? My periods are quite heavy and painful...Again, thank you so much for your kind thoughts, and sound advice. I just don't know how to stop obsessing.
Thank you so much for checking in today Jas and providing your update. I REALLY need some support today! I am glad you had some testing done -but not that you had to go to the ER been there done that!-and that all looks good so far. Did they have any ideas what could be causing your pain or symptoms? Glad you are going through with the colonoscopy and your appointment. I was supposed to have my colonoscopy tomorrow but was very anxious about the prep since I have continued to have a lot of pain and loose stools so I spoke with the on call doctor today-office is closed for Patriots Day-and his recommendation was to wait and be examined in the ER or my dr office tomorrow and possibly have a CT scan first to rule out any obstruction or diverticulitis before going through with the prep and procedure, especially since no one has examined me since these more troubling symptoms started. I was hoping it would get better but instead seems worse or the same. I'm going to try to wait it out until tomorrow and go to the ER only if I absolutely need to, it takes so long and is so stressful as I'm sure you know! But now I have to wait even longer to find out what is wrong and that is making me crazy! I'm so tired of being in pain and waiting and worrying. I know stress can cause all types of problems so I try to stay calm but I don't know how can stress and worry cause all this pain and upset? I feel it more on my left side much of the time. Easter yesterday was nice after the morning when I felt a little better. Just hung out at home with my kids and husband and it was nice to be together and have a quiet day at home. But now I just want to get on with this! I understand your stress at the ER so well, worrying that they will find something bad... I had one last July when I was diagnosed with reflux and I was beyond myself with worry(had Ativan also), though at that time nothing was found. I hope it is that way again this time, but then what could be causing all this pain and problems!! So frustrating and depressing! How was your Easter? Are you feeling any better now? So sorry for the super long post!! Thank you again for reaching out, was thinking of you and hoping you were ok. Lots of hugs to you too, we will get through this!
Good luck at your appointment. Let me know how it goes. I think having the colonoscopy is still a good idea too. I had a whole bunch of tests last year and that is the one I did not have and regret it now. The not knowing is the hardest and thinking about all it might be and the ramifications of each. I have not taken Ativan for awhile so can't remember if I had breakthrough anxiety. I think I remember it helping a lot at first then not so much, your body might adjust to it ?over time. It was helpful though. I am thinking of taking some today or tonight since I have a few leftover and has not expired, especially since I have not slept very well at all the last few days. I agree it is a difficult place to be, this in between place, and GI issues are known for being difficult to diagnose. Ugh.i feel as you do, I should just try to keep busy, but when you feel "yuck" it sure is hard. I am here for you too, any time you need to talk or need support. Hope all goes well.
Well, my appt. went good, but pretty much heard the same thing from last time. The doctor actually gave me a 99% chance that it is NOT Colon Cancer. He mentioned the colonoscopy, but wanted me to take a couple of weeks to discuss it with my husband and family, then make my decision. He prescribed me another week's worth of Ativan, to see if his reassurance would eventually be good enough. I lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks, since my last appt. with him...and he didn't seem too concerned. I know it's because of my anxiety and inability to eat. You know how you get that fluttering feeling in your stomach? It's like that, and I have no desire to eat, whatsoever. And I'm a VERY good eater LOL. The doctor told me yesterday a clean CT Scan is a pretty decent diagnostic tool, but mostly for finding large masses, or cancer that has spread to other parts of the body. I know you are afraid to get the colonoscopy, as am I...more so of the results, not the test itself. I think part of what is so scary, is that it is a 100% answer. It will either 100% ease your fears, or 100% confirm them. And that is SO SCARY!!!! I can't speak for you, but can for myself, and I will be honest that it's the only reason holding me back. I would love to hear the results of your CT, if you'd be willing to share? I pray that everything turns up just fine!!! But please, reconsider going through with the will feel so much better! I've decided not to take those 2 weeks to think it over, and am calling the office this morning to schedule it...because I know, that no other test/s are going to give me the reassurance that I need...and I want this over with, and I want to start living again! Please keep me posted! HUGS your way :)
I am so terribly sorry for EVERYTHING that you are going through. How you suffer and still manage to be somewhat of a guiding light to so many others. After hearing your story, although not your intention, I do feel slightly silly for all the worrying I'm doing, before I've even been told to worry...when here you are actually GOING THROUGH a severe illness. Anything I know about Endometriosis, relates to my Mother who was diagnosed with it...I do notice that with my widespread pain, there is more local cramping - burning to best describe it in my pelvic region, on the left, where my ovary might be, if that makes sense? I have also given thought to possible adhesions from my C-section 7 years ago...Is that a possibility as well? Are they one in the same? You sound like you've always suffered with constipation, unless I read you incorrectly? My stools are almost always loose, I can't remember the last time I had a nice big, round, solid poop (forgive the graphics)...I long for those days. Tell you what...I'm waiting for the GI scheduling to call me back so I can schedule the long as that comes back clean, I will then follow up with a Gynecologist for the possibility of Endometriosis. Especially if my symptoms to not subside. Thank you so much for your honesty, and for sharing your story. You sound like a very strong person, and I admire that!
I'm here...couldn't see any more posts for some reason until today. Been wondering how you were, Jas, and so glad you have scheduled that colonoscopy! The prep is not fun, but tolerable for the most part- I'm going through it right now as my colonoscopy is in a few short hours...scared to death but trying to stay calm and focus on loving and positive thoughts. My ct scan came out ok for the most part except for an ovarian cyst my gyn is following closely and plan to follow up on that again when this is over. I am still scared they will find cancer today. The ct scan ruled out diverticulitis and colitis they said. I just don't know what else it could be. I wonder about the PPI too but I guess I will know more after today. Trying not to think the worst. I will be 46 next month, Dixie. Thank you for sharing your story and your strength with us. It helps so much to know others are going through and learning to deal with health struggles and no matter what each of us is going through we are not alone. My husband too is tired of worrying about my health I think but he is supportive and I am grateful for that. Have no family close by so coming on here is very therapeutic for me. Try not to worry Jas, I think you will be just fine too. Anxiety sucks I know, I have it too, and have had actual panic attacks the past few nights which is new for me. Do you exercise? I know with 4 young kids it's hard to fit in, but it does help me a lot when I make it a priority on a consistent basis. My husband sees the difference too and so helps me make it happen. Haven't done anything in a week though since being so sick and can tell the difference! Got to go now, wish me luck and would appreciate any and all positive thoughts you might want to send my way! Take care of yourselves, (( hugs))
Hi Jas, so colonoscopy is OVER and my results were normal! He could see no abnormalities and thinks it is chronic constipation so am starting on a regimen to try to prevent that. I am SO relieved! I was convinced it was cancer, as cancer runs in my family with not positive results. I do have other issues I will be looking into and following up on and may change to a new GI doctor as I don't feel I am getting the answers I need concerning my health. It is amazing how your mind just convinces you of something and so I KNOW you are going to be ok too. Kudos to you for going through with it, and you are right it IS a brave thing to do and I know you will go through with it and get through with no problem. It Is good to do so you know what is going on with your body so you can be as healthy as you can. That said, it's easier said then done and trust me, it is terrifying while you are waiting, but know that that is perfectly normal, as I just went through it and survived! You are even younger than me so you have that on your side as well. Thank you so much for all your kind words and support through all this! It has helped me tremendously! I would like to be there for you as well, so let me know when your procedure is and we will get through it together ok?? I am here for you anytime you need me;)
Hi Jas, i just talked to the nurse and the doc was right. The polyp in question has precancerous cells, but not cancer, so they want me to do another colonoscopy in 2 to 3 years in case more begin to grow and it takes 5 years for them to grow. This way they always get them out before they can cause a problem. I am not sure if the two smaller ones were precancerous as well. I think just the big one. I am grateful I listened to my doc and had the colonoscopy done. The symptoms you have, I have had since before your age and I obviously didn't have these polyps back then, so try not to worry. Go ahead and have your colonoscopy so they can reassure you that all is well. My hubby had a colonoscopy last year and had a few removed, but all we benign and they knew it at the colonoscopy procedure and he was told not to come back for 10 years. My hubby just said " thoughts are not facts!" We worry ourselves sick for nothing. Hard to explain to others without anxiety, how we can't help it. Lol! So it's nice your friends here who have been conversing with you are so supportive. That helps so much!
Yes, they pretty much know at time of colonoscopy. They see these things all,the time and know. They send them in to be sure, but those were so so tiny. Mine were 2 at 1/2 cm and one a whole 2 cm. he told me right there the one was precancerous and might turn into cancer in 10 years and pathology came back in a few days saying just that. Plus I got written results saying that,yesterday. I would think it rare not to find any polyps at all. The mucosa thing might be related to IBS and they are just checking. You are fine and he said your colon looked good. Great job getting through this!!!!!! I know how hard it was for you and just try Nd relax while you wait for,your confirmation that all is great!!!
Thank you so much for the much needed reassurance. You know how difficult it is to think positive in a time like this, we want to be prepared for the worst, you know? It does make me feel better to get some confirmation that these doctors [I]usually[/I] know if something looks suspicious or not. I guess the one thing that bothers me, is my age. I just turned 36, and as I realize cancer doesn't discriminate, I wonder why I even have the polyps to begin with? Regarding the procedure, the prep was a breeze...the actual colonoscopy was quite the experience! I was so worked up with anxiety, that they gave me the max for medium sedation and I was still coherent during the whole thing, lol. I think the doctor was getting agitated with me...he kept telling me to just close my eyes and let the medicine take me away :D Yeah, he told me the mucosa biopsy was because of a couple of bumps on the lining of my colon, which is normal...he just wanted to make sure. Said he probably wouldn't have even biopsied it, but since I was awake, he didn't want me to think he missed it lol. Poor guy. Anyways, thank you again for responding, I feel a little bit better now, and will try to have more faith in the professionals. I hope you have a fantastic Mother's Day, enjoy your family today. :) HUGS

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