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Jas...Did you convey to them (your doctor or nurse) the degree of anxiety you are feeling and how detrimental this 2 week wait will be for you? I ask because I know they can "bump" a procedure if it's deemed medically necessary? Two weeks is a small amount of time compared to 3 months for a colonoscopy. However, I personally have in the past (last year) called my own gastroenterologist nurse and BEGGED for earliest available. They had a cancellation within 48 hours, called in my prep which I did on the next day (night) Wednesday, and had the procedure on Thursday. YES, a colonoscopy. Certainly a 1 hour cancellation is not an option with the required prep, but no one says you cannot beg and plead for an earlier appointment time. Life has taught me that you don't know until you ask (and ask again, then BEG. It would be worth the try, considering how anxious you are. No one looks forward to this, of all tests, but babygirl, you are in orbit and picking up speed. I'm concerned.

As for the procedure...BELIEVE ME when I tell you that the bad part is the prep. If you, like I, am struggling day to day with bowel issues, then potty time will be tolerable. The procedure will be over in the blink of an eye, from your perspective. They will start an IV. Convey your fear to them, as they can add some magic. My body always requires additional sedative. Last April (scheduled to return for annual on May 21 because I HAVE to do this YEARLY with a predisposition for cancer) it was kind of funny in hindsight (pun intended). I undressed from the waist down or so I thought. The last thing I remember was telling the doctor "oops...I forgot to take off my underwear". Next thing I knew I was awake in recovery, with my undies "still" on. My first question to my husband was "Did they do it?".

You must focus on what is GOOD...positive. In the late 80's early 90's I began the colonoscopy journey way before the recommended "precautionary testing" age. I was a babe in the woods with horrid gastrointestinal issues post gastric bypass. They used 0 sedation...maybe a valium if that. I was cognizant of the entire procedure via endoscopy and colonoscopy. I've become a veteran of the procedure, stripped of any inkling of pride or embarrassment. It's easy-peasy compared to my day to day survival. I have a friend who still gets worked into a rage about his last colonoscopy. He says the doctor answered his cell phone during his procedure, which I do not doubt. He reported the doctor afterwards, filing complaints with the medical board of conduct. I applaud him. That's all I'll say about that because it's a funny story best told in person, and I will get a "time out" for it. Jana...find something...or someone to laugh at/about. You've got to occupy your mind somehow, for you own sake. If I can laugh, anybody can=)

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