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Lately I have been noticing that if I spend more time (like 10 - 15 minutes...) on the toilet a red-ish/brown-ish color will start to seep from my stool and form a cloud in the water on the bottom of the toilet. Although this doesn't happen everytime...

I cannot really say it's blood or blood-colored,because it has more of a brown tint and the color is similar to the color of the poo.

The stool itself doesn't have any discoloration on the top of it and the consistency is fine. There also isn't any discoloration on the toilet paper after I wipe.

Three days ago I ate meatballs in tomato sauce and yesterday I ate a red sausage (has a lot of red food dye in it) - could it be this? Or simply the poo dissolving in the water and leaving trace like this?

26 years old male.

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