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My doctor found a 4 cm polyp in my cecum during a routine colonoscopy. I was shocked because I thought I was the pillar of health and there were no symptoms. He said it looked benign , but he couldn't tell for sure and that he'd send some biopsy specimens to pathology. The pathology report said that they it was a Tubulovillous Adenoma, which meant it was a benign polyp. However , my doctor said that he still couldn't be sure that the whole polyp was benign because those specimens were just a small part of the polyp. He said that he must remove the polyp totally to see if there were parts of cancer in there. I was told that even if it was totally benign it still had to be removed because adenomas over time turn into cancer.

So now was the search to find a doctor to remove it. I went to one surgeon and he said that he would have to remove ten inches of my intestines , the lymph nodes, the polyp and most of the cecum because even though it might be a benign polyp , it might be cancerous and he doesn't want to have to do another surgery. I was told I would be in the hospital for a week to ten days and home for three weeks and that this surgery was being done with general anesthesia.Also my stomach would never been the same but I would learn to readjust and eat differently to avoid problems going to the bathroom.I went to another surgeon and he basically said the same thing.

So I researched the Internet and I found an alternate method which few doctors care to mention. I discovered that large polyps in the cecum can be removed with a special type of colonoscopy using EMR. I was told that the cecum is extremely thin (about 2 dimes thick) and only a handful of very skilled doctors can remove a large polyp with an EMR Colonoscopy.
I did my research and I found two renowned doctors from NYC (DR Haber and Dr Waye) who had the expertise to do this procedure. I chose Doctor Jerome Waye to remove my 4 cm polyp.I scheduled my procedure with DR. Waye, did my prep for this polypectomy, walked in on the day scheduled and in one hour later walked out feeling fine. The doctor removed the entire polyp. After I had to eat soft foods and foods with no fiber for 4 days. I stayed home the next day . But probably if I had to could have gone to work. The following week I called the office and I was told that my 4 cm polyp in my cecum was NOT CANCEROUS!
I promised myself that if I had a positive outcome I'd post something on this health board,because when I originally found out I had a 4 cm polyp and went online to research it EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE said it was doom and gloom. Websites were giving statistics about the size of the polyp in relationship to the possibility of it being cancerous. It looked to me I could not have escaped cancer since it was so large. They were wrong .Also all the blogs I read said that after the specimen said it was benign, when they totally took it out there was some cancer in it. Mine had no cancer in it after the entire polyp was removed! All the people were blogging that their 4 cm benign polyp turned out to be stage 3 or stage 4 after totally removing it. I was cancer free. People who had benign polyp specimens still went through major surgery. I went the Colonoscopy EMR route! My intestines and colon was not compromised! I did not go through major surgery like most doctors recommended and my insides are the same as before!

So if you just found out you have a large polyp in your cecum and it looks benign, there is hope. It probably will be totally benign. Have faith because now you know my story. Also if it's in the cecum you might want to go the EMR colonoscopy route. I am not a doctor and can't tell you what to do. I can only tell you what I did and how my nightmare ended on a positive note!
Good luck to you!


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