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So for the past three weeks I've been getting blood in/after my stool. The problem is, I can't tell whether this blood is coming from higher up in my colon or not. I've read up as much as possible on this topic but I still can't seem to put myself on the spectrum so I just want to see what other people think.

(this may sound gruesome)

When I go for a bowel movement, the first one usually comes out and I feel this itchy/weird pain as it comes out. Then, directly after my anus begins to drop blood to the point where the water changes color to red (this scares me every single time). The stool itself seems fine if I look at it right after it drops. It's a regular, good sized piece of poop (lol). The bleeding continues for about 20 seconds after I finish. Now here's the part I'm afraid of... When I wipe, I see blood and a black substance. I'm afraid it's Melena. There isn't much of it. It's just like one or two specks of it. Surrounding this substance is regular looking blood. I have no idea how to tell the difference from "bright red" and "dark red". It just looks red.

Now for some history, around May I had quite a lot of trouble with constipation. I was not able to pass stool at all for like two weeks until I upped my fiber and took some softeners. Ever since then, I've had some off and on constipation. I'd take a strong fiber supplement and the next few days it would ease up again. I've also always had random cases of blood on toilet paper.
I also have a weird itchy feeling on my anus after pooping which goes away after about half an hour. I do not feel anything else going wrong in my body. No vomitting, no pain in my stomach, nothing. It's all during the passing of the stool. I also sometimes feel a weird smell coming from around there when I'm sitting down.

I'm 17 so I doubt it's colon cancer but I just need reassurance :( I can go to a doctor but I'm embarassed and it'll take way too much time unless I enter as an emergency which I'm not even sure of. Another fear of mine is that the constant loss of blood will cause anemia. I've always suffered from iron deficiency anemia and I'm afraid if I lose too much it'll aggravate it. However, I still feel no headaches and the amount of blood that comes out is typically in drops.

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