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... de as it aches to much, this worried him so he made another appointment to see the doc, she felt his abdomen etc and said it all seemed ok but she would book him in for a Sigmoidoscopy. Is this strange as surely there are many other things it could be before going the colon cancer route? ... (7 replies)
... to detect if he had kidney stones but was told this week that the CT scan showed NO stones! This has now scared him as he still suffers from the same lower left ache everyday and also pains in his stomach and the sickness feeling! ... (7 replies)
... He again says it feels like something is stuck under his lower rib and he says that the bad breath and the funny taste in his mouth he has started suffering is bad! Is this more linked to IBS? ... (7 replies)

... and tried to treat it for months on my own, big mistake. Go to a doctor who cares more. My GP sent ME for a colonoscopy immediately and found out I had 2 tumors in my large colon and rectum. One was the size of a golf ball and it was removed leaving me with a colostomy bag at my belly button. ... (7 replies)
... Just a quick update to let you know that partner had a Barium Enema on Tuesday, all went wel other than the pains due to the air pumped in but that went after an hour or so. ... (7 replies)
... his GP hasnt yet done the Hospital referal for a scan! I just found this out today when ringing the surgery to ask how long it would take for the Hospital to get in touch and was told by the receptionist it wasnt even "processed yet" after nearly 2 weeks! The doctor didnt even ring back! ... (7 replies)
... T11. An incidental find was a cyst in the neck. However, I'm 34 and having this, no dr will do surgery due to my age and I have to live with the pain. ... (7 replies)
... Since having a colon stent put in place to open up a constricting mass found in the sigmoid area of the colon last February I have experienced lower left side pain that often radiates into the hip and can wrap around towards the back. ... (7 replies)
... In answer to your question, the rectal problem I had wasn't cancer. I have adhesions in my abdomen from prior surgeries and one of the adhesions was attached to that area and pulling. ... (5 replies)
... Well, got back from the GI today. He's scheduling a colonoscopy for me (has been 4 yrs with a clean one last time-just to recheck my UC) in 2 weeks. He told me that he doesn't think i should worry about the tailbone discomfort since it does go away with massage. He told me that it would be with me all the time. Also, he doesn't think something would be there after only 4... (5 replies)
... I wish I could give you some answers. I've had some problems in that general area, but not the same as what you are experiencing. ... (5 replies)
... I'm 24, female, and otherwise healthy, but I have had a swollen anus that feels like there are a few lumps around it for at least 5 years. ... (1 replies)
... About three months ago I suddenly began suffering severe lower back pains. This pain was situated right at the base of my spine in the pelvic area and would radiate across my hips. ... (0 replies)
... rry me. first and foremost, were the thinness of my stool. for a few days, it was really thin. about half an inch round. the stool was loose so a few minutes in the toilet, the stool began to loose shape. i began to up my fiber intake and then my stool began to bulk up a little, but they were still a bit thin. ... (6 replies)
... Was it cancer? Did the discomfort bother u all the time or off and on? (5 replies)
... anybody experience just this as symptom? and not have it be a constant pain? (5 replies)
... right where it feels like there's a this considered rectal pain? hurts to sit sometimes-feels like it does if you've sat on a hard surface too long. no pain when walking. (5 replies)

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