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... bleeding from anus. ... (4 replies)
... Over the past 8 days I've had blood dripping from my anus three times of six or seven times I've gone to the washroom to defecate. ... (4 replies)
... When stools are soft I feel as something is blocking and extruding them near the anus and I need to do some effort to pass them, but when stools has normal consistence I feel the anus opening and there are no effort to pass them. ... (1 replies)

... I should note that during the shower I felt up around my rectum to see if it hurt at all and it burned around the right between my outer anus and rectum... so I think it might have torn because my ass hole is pretty tight. lol. ... (4 replies)
... bathroom my stool is sometimes covered in blood and blood drips from my anus i don't strain or have to push hard but its becoming more frequent in stools and the blood drips a dark red and in large amounts i go the bathroom regularly so pls any ideas on what it might be? ... (1 replies)
... If the blood is bright red, it is fresh blood. ... (4 replies)
... there is nothing worse then the unknown. get tested and find out for sure where the blood is coming from. i went to the dr after similiar bleeding and the outcome was not good. please get tested and set your mind at ease. ... (4 replies)
... after my stool. The problem is, I can't tell whether this blood is coming from higher up in my colon or not. ... (3 replies)
... Recently I have noticed pellet poops that are hard. When I wipe it, I see tiny fresh blood on the toilet paper. There are times pellet poop followed by soft poop. Again tiny fresh blood on the toilet paper. ... (6 replies)
... Bit of random info but points out him having bloods tests over the past 6 months that were all clear. My partner has suffered from head, neck and back aches since March and has had numerous blood tests that all came back clear. ... (7 replies)
... I'm not sure where to start, just looking for some advice from people who will know more about this than me but tonight i've been needing to go to the toilet all the time. ... (1 replies)
... Hi am glad forthe good news and that u passby this surgrey well, my best wishes to you to get 100% well soon I know you need supprt but i need your support here too, my bro was diagnosed with rectal cancer tumer (pathology: "invasive moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma, grade II out of III") the tumor is 4Cms far from anus (according to the colonscopy) and it is... (3 replies)
... around the anus or piles. Black tarry stools would mean the blood could be coming from further up. Please do get it checked by your gp I'm only going by my own experiences with my bowels. ... (6 replies)
... Hi everyone, I am very worried about my symstom as it closely familiar with that of colon cancer. I went to the doctor and told him i saw blood on my stool and also was dripping blood from my anus, he told me it just hemmeriod and that the blood only occur 1 time and then it goes away. ... (2 replies)
22 and scared
Sep 27, 2015
... It really sounds like hemmroids to me. Being that the blood is bright red, that means that it is blood from near the end of your colon, and probably your anus since you said there is itching also. The red pieces you describe are probably food, things like tomato skins do not get digested fully. ... (1 replies)
... Yeah thats why i was saying i want them to check the WHOLE thing just incase. Their logic was "Well youre young and usually when something goes wrong in someone your age its in the bottom half of the colon." And also cus the blood was RED they say its coming from the lower colon but if im going to expose myself and be violated by some tube up my anus, I want them to... (18 replies)
... My 64 y/o father was diagnosed with colon cancer a few days before Thanksgiving (biopsy and photos of large mass 4 inches from anus and blood tests indicating CEA level of 998). On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving he underwent further tests (CT Scan, full colonoscopy, more blood tests). He will not receive results/treatment options before next week. I have spent... (2 replies)
Blood in stool
Sep 8, 2006
... Hi: I'm going to echo EVERYONE'S sentiments... She NEEDS a COLONOSCOPY!!! This is the ONLY way of determining exactly WHERE the bleeding is coming from. For her to repeat the cards is ridiculous. The GP has positive evidence that she's bleeding on several occassions... what more do they want??? It's time for Mom or you to help Mom DEMAND that she be referred to a... (11 replies)
Need Some Help
Jan 15, 2004
... It is possible that you are rubbing yourself raw or simply going too far up the anus with the paper. However, the most probable cause is hemerroids. Blood from a cancer will not go away, it would be there every time or almost every time you have a bm. ... (2 replies)
... was at early 19. Which was itching and not be able to sit still, small clumps which is symptoms for External Hemorrhoids. My doctor asked me to take a look at my anus at that time, but I am very shy and don't like others to peek at my private locations on my body so I told him not to. ... (1 replies)

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