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... and when i wipe myself its usually yellow on the tissue paper. ... (3 replies)
... Lately I often see tiny amount of bright red blood on my stool and sometimes on the toilet tissue. I read on the net that the most possible cause is a hemorrhoid. I am also aware it can be something more serious. My question here is mainly about a hemorrhoid though. ... (1 replies)
... i am concerned of the finding that i had a total of 3 bm today at my job. I usually have a bit then a few days gos by and no bm so its always like that for me. ... (1 replies)

... In July I ended up starting Protonix and after a couple weeks it did start helping all the heartburn and pain right under my left breast. ... (3 replies)
... Sounds almost certainly like fissures or hemorrhoids to me. Especially since there's pain involved. (3 replies)
... Thanks for replying. I hate wracking my brain and not actually saying what's on my mind. I can actually do that here! Haha. But yes I do need more fiber. Do you know of anything I could eat that would help? ... (3 replies)
... helped by the fact he was off work and not doing the washing up !!!!! ... (15 replies)
Anal Bleeding
Mar 29, 2007
... all, i am concerned i have expierenced issues with my bowls for 4 months, been to hundreds of different doctors, had an abdominal scan which was normal so where blood tests! ... (3 replies)
... recap I had stage 1 colon cancer 5 years ago resulting in a resection and there was no lymph node involvment, then 14 months ago I had another stage 2 cancer at the join of my previous resection and it was off to hospital for another operation. Again there was no spread or lymph node involvement. ... (21 replies)
... For the past two weeks, I've been bleeding red blood for every time I went to the bathroom. ... (7 replies)
... you have a hemorrhoid that you may not be aware of but it is there and with the looser stools it has inflammed and irritated the area therefore making it bleed some. ... (11 replies)
... I'm new here. I've been reading the messages on this board for two days now and finally got up the courage to post. I need some help trying to stay rational while I wait for my dr. appt. Here's my story. ... (16 replies)
How common is it?
May 14, 2008
... But it is more than likely that the blood is a secondary effect of your current bowel problems. i.e. Either hemmeriods or an anal fissure. When small amounts of blood are present on the toilet paper rather than in the stool then it is very likely to be something related around the anus area. ... (9 replies)
... I'm not sure where to start, just looking for some advice from people who will know more about this than me but tonight i've been needing to go to the toilet all the time. ... (1 replies)
... Im a 45 year old non smoker in England. For about 5 weeks I have had an upset stomach. The discomfort I feel moves around, mostly being a dull discomfort in my lower abdomen, although sometimes in the middle of my stomach between breast bone and navel. ... (3 replies)
... I have been having bleeding on the toilet tissue for a number of years now, and when i visited the doc he said it was a hem. It has not gone away and bleeds sometimes. It is larger than it was, but i am pretty sure it is a hem. ... (2 replies)
... You have a colon. Starts on the right side as the ascending colon the goes across the abdomen as the transverse colon and then comes down the left side as the descending colon. The colon actually stops several inches from the anus where you have the rectum.... ... (26 replies)
Pain for 4 weeks
Jun 5, 2008
... n can bleed somewhat, but again, I have never heard of them causing a large amount of blood. What they do cause are some pretty excruciating pain when you go to the bathroom because you are basically ripping open these little tears when you pass stool. ... (1 replies)
Rectal bleeding
Feb 16, 2008
... blood in the toilet after i have had a bowel movement. ... (3 replies)
Rectal bleeding
Feb 20, 2008
... Please go to the doctor!!!!Don't wait!!! It's probably nothing serious, but please be sure!! If it's anything catch it early. ... (3 replies)

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