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... PLEASE make certain you get in for a colonoscopy. Basically the card is useless for you... you HAVE SEEN the blood streaked stool. That alone REQUIRES that you get a colonoscopy regardless of the results of the test card. ... (28 replies)
... Iam my self 42 year old male and have had blood streaks on my stool and stomach cramps coming and going mind you very mild. ... (28 replies)
What is this?
Aug 31, 2005
... rectal cancer, you do not necessarilly need to have "streaks" of blood on your stool for it to be colorectal cancer, or any bleeding for that matter. This is what I find so annoying... ... (11 replies)

Ribbon shaped BMs
Nov 28, 2004
... Have had some blood on toilet paper in the past, small red streaks. I think its from hemorrhoids or irritation. ... (3 replies)
22 and scared
Sep 13, 2015
... I also sometimes experience itchiness but randomly and i have chunks of red in my stool aswell. ... (1 replies)
... I experienced some rectal bleeding in February of 2007, which really alarmed me. The first time it happened I just noticed red streaks on the toilet paper, and I knew I'd been straining, so I figured it was probably something on or near the anus. ... (13 replies)
... to try and alleviate them. Now, I'm worried because since last Sunday I've experienced blood during every stool I've passed. ... (0 replies)
... As for your complaints.....even though it must've been very distressing to see that much blood in the toilet bowl, it's not really THAT big of a deal because it's most probably due to your hemorrhoids. ... (4 replies)
Looking for Advice
Jan 11, 2010
... mild nausea, which is usually the worst in the morning. It also gets worse in the cold weather. Depending on what I eat, it is about a 3 out of 10. ... (5 replies)
Change in Stool
Jan 12, 2005
... to your diet might help. Usually when you hear of "ball" type stool it is due to contsipation. This certainly could be caused by adhesions to your bowel which are slowing down motility. So the surgery could be the cause of it. ... (9 replies)
... a and a feeling as if his stomach is always "full", like his food is not digesting and the feeling is not relieved after a bowel movement. He is also having red blood in his stool and in the toilet. ... (2 replies)
Change in Stool
Jan 11, 2005
... Yesterday I saw streaks of blood on two of the small feces and so now my Dr is recommending a colonoscopy. It hasn't been scheduled yet. ... (9 replies)
... My 37 yr old sister has been having blood in her stool for about 6 months with every BM. Her BMs are always hard and she complains of stinging and soreness with each BM. ... (1 replies)
... Hey everyone, I've been coming here on and off for the past...8 months or so with problems of seeing blood on toilet paper. Now...I've been to the doctors twice about this and both times he says it's nothing. Now... ... (1 replies)
... i am a 23 year old male. About a month or 2 ago i was noticing bright red blood on the toilet paper and occasionall in the toliet too. There were also sometimes streaks on the fecees. I went online and dimissed it as hemmorids because there was alway alot of pain with the blood and i felt what i thought was a hemmroid. ... (27 replies)
What is this?
Aug 29, 2005
... months...i hope it isn't too late..oh and i checked up on the blood in the stool you get when you have colon cancer..and they say blood streaks i dont have that..its just like..bright red blood drips on my stools... ... (11 replies)
... I have had hemmorhoids for years now and occasionally had bleeding but nothing like I have been in the last few weeks. There is bright red blood in the toilet, streaks on the outside stool and blood on the toilet paper. ... (4 replies)
... Obviously a necessity if you have pain on the right side. ... (7 replies)
... Around beginning of January I started bleeding during BM. Somedays it was hardly none, somedays alot. I have been upping my fiber and water and taking stool softners which give me a regular BM every other morning. I havent had any changes or looks of the BM other than some red streaks on the side when it passes. ... (4 replies)
... cian who verified I have external hemmroids and proscribed Prilosec for my heartburn. Since then my belching and heartburn has been somewhat better. I also had blood tests done that returned normal. My doctor attributed the blood to hemmroids, which sometimes shows up on the TP as bright red streaks. ... (2 replies)

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