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... as only because he had a blockage. Had it not been for that, he would have had his first post treatment scan a year after dx. Similarly, his first post treatment CEA levels test was done a year after dx. This makes sense as CEA levels can go haywire during chemo sometimes and give unnecessary concern to the patient. ... (10 replies)
Cea Levels
Jul 22, 2003
... Hi, could someone tell me that range for CEA levels. How high can it go? ... (1 replies)
... Ask ANY other oncologist and they will give you the same response I gave regarding CEA levels and usefuelness as a diagnostic factor. Christy has already posted that she has been dx Stage 1 on another post. ... (9 replies)

... There are other causes of increased CEA levels. Information below is just one of several references to this information. ... (9 replies)
High CEA levels
Sep 22, 2009
... folfox as metastasis was found in lung region.after last cycle in june his CEA levels in july were 4.26.and 2oth sep reports CEA levels were high that is 23.33.his PETreports are yet to be received. ... (0 replies)
... oc doc for the second time last week. I asked him if at the half way point in my chemo treatments if I would get a CT scan or Pet Scan. He said no. I would get a CEA test. He said a CT scan would be done about a year. I guess a year from diagnosis. This seems like a long time to me. What do your doctors recommend? ... (10 replies)
... Dad has high cea levels can't find where cancer is. What is normal? ... (15 replies)
CEA Levels of 500
Jul 12, 2006
... Can CEA levels be brought up by something else or is this the definative sign she may have colon cancer? ... (4 replies)
... I think that was October. My CEA levels were never high, even with an "active" tumor in my rectum. ... (10 replies)
CEA Count ????
Aug 4, 2006
... knowing that I have cancer, that my blood values are all within normal limits and my CEA levels are 2.7 . ... (11 replies)
High CEA
May 13, 2004
... Those are extremely high CEA levels, but remember, they are used as a prognostic factor. Carcinoembryonic Antigen is a protein produced by tumors in the body. ... (20 replies)
... I often read other's posts regarding CEA levels so I did ask our Oncologist about it. ... (2 replies)
... I'm not sure what you mean by false "positiive" and "negative". But yes, all people have some levels of CEA whether the've had colon cancer or not. A CEA level is just another tool used to monitor colon cancer. It is not always reliable. ... (2 replies)
... his is a recurrence marker for colon cancer, along with several other cancers, it has mixed reviews as to the importance of the test. Many studies claim that the CEA could predict a recurrence 1 to 30 months prior to CT or PT scans can find the cancer. ... (5 replies)
... I believe CEAs are also influenced by inflammatory conditions in the colon. So if you don't have cancer, but have an inflammatory condition, the CEA could be elevated anyway. ... (9 replies)
CEA Count ????
Aug 3, 2006
... Sorry to hear about what you went through and the problems cropping up now. My husband's oncologists have never mentioned CEA counts to us. I brought them up after learning about them from reading posts about them. ... (11 replies)
... As far as I know It is not used as a primary diagnostic tool. It is used mainly to guage recurrences after a cancer has been removed. Most often a cea reading is taken after a patient has been diagnosed with ca . ... (2 replies)
Cea level question
Aug 25, 2009
... any information will be welcome. I had colon resection for stage II cancer tumor two years ago. The first year after surgery my cea level were about 3.0. Over the past 4 months they have gone up to 4 and my latest results were 4.3. ... (8 replies)
... changes his mind and said no, this Thursday. He did some blood work, a CBC, I am still losing blood, and then he ordered a CEA. I didn't know he was ordering the CEA until I asked the nurse that was taking my blood. I asked him if he thought it was cancer and he said he didn't want to say anything either way. ... (9 replies)
... Anything above 5 is considered above normal but CEA levels can go quite high. Below 3 is the best result, but factors other than cancer can cause a slight rise in CEA levels. ... (1 replies)

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